There are a number of ways of raising issues in the House of Commons. A Member of Parliament can make a speech or intervention in a debate, ask an Oral Question during scheduled questions to a particular Minister or department or ask a question in response to a Ministerial statement. In the case of Oral Questions, an MP tables a question but it is then a random ‘shuffle’ which decides if they get on to the Order Paper. There is always the possibility of asking a supplementary question if they can catch the Speaker’s eye.

In October 2013, I was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health at the Department of Health. As a Minister, I am only able to speak in the chamber of the House of Commons, or the second chamber, Westminster Hall, on issues in my ministerial portfolio. However, I continue to raise hundreds of issues, both local and national, on behalf of my constituents in Parliament with other Ministers through letters and meetings.

As a Minister, I speak in Parliament on a regular basis. I answer both Written and Oral Questions; I lead and respond to debates on issues in my portfolio, as well as during Statements and Urgent Questions. This page gives you a summary of where I have spoken in Parliament. You can find a complete list of my contributions in this Parliamentary session here.

If you are interested in following a piece of legislation’s progress through its various Parliamentary stages, you will find more information here.

Latest Parliamentary Session

Monday 8 September 2014
Backbench Business debate on Pancreatic Cancer
Following a Backbench Business debate on Pancreatic Cancer, I responded as the Government’s spokesman on tackling cancer. [Read More]

Thursday 4 September 2014
Responding to an Adjournment Debate on Wanstead Hospital
As the Government Minister responsible for NHS South and London, I responded to a debate on Wanstead Hospital. [Read More]

Wednesday 3 September 2014
Westminster Hall debate on the Public Health England Hub Programme and Porton Down
I responded to a debate on the future of the Government’s Porton Down facility, in Westminster Hall. [Read More]

Monday 1 September 2014
Backbench Business Debate on Mitochondrial Replacement
As the Government Minister responsible for genetics and biotechnology, I responded to a debate in the House of Commons on Mitochondrial Replacement. [Read More]

Tuesday 15 July 2014
Oral Questions to Ministers from the Department of Health
During Oral Questions to Health Ministers, I responded to questions about prostate cancer, the provision of emergency generic inhalers for schools, food prices, A&E departments in West London Hospitals, food safety, and anti-microbial resistance. [Read More]